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Man Sues Golf Course For Eye
By Kickntrue on 2/5/09
A man in Vermont is suing a local golf course because he thinks it's their fault he lost his eye from an errant shot. Oh yah... a shot HE HIT HIMSELF!
Sixty-7-year-old Paul Sanchez sued Candia Woods Golf Links this week. In September of 2006, a ball he hit bounced off a yardage-marker and hit him in the right eye.

Sanchez argues the course did not warn him about the markers. He says they were too rigid to be safe for the course and improperly placed in the middle of the fairway.
Yah- I can see how this is the golf course's fault. How dare they not put warnings on their [maybe] stone markers that they are hard. If the golf course loses this lawsuit I'm going to sue to the state of Vermont- for being retarded.

Full Story- WCAX.com

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Matt F says:
There's too much I could say that would get me into trouble. So, I'll go with...he's got to be freaking kidding. I think that by being on the golf course you are assuming that there will be the risk of getting hit by a ball (whether yours or someone else's). He needs to have a good long look in the mirror and give himself an uppercut!
kidputter says:
I'm suing my local course for setting trees and homes along the fairway. It is affecting my handicap to the point that I'll never make it to the PGA tour.
Kickntrue says:
Ha- I'm with you kidave. I'm suing my home course for not having hot enough beer cart girls.
Icymint says:
Tell the guy in the picture to put the patch on the other eye !!
falcon50driver says:
He needs a bigger patch to cover his whole ugly face.
player says:
his face does look ugly but thats not the actual guy
player says:
i remember you 2 playing in the 1 club challenge i wanna say congratulations and good scores im gonna go play in it tomorrow using a 5 iron and happy valentines day!
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