Monday April 2- What A Day!
By Kickntrue on 4/2/07
I LOVE golf- but I'm a die hard sports fan across the board. That's why I think today should be declared a national holiday. Here are 3 reasons to be glad you're spending today in front of your computer or tv and not in a sarcophagus (and why by Tuesday morning you may feel like you are).

1) NCAA Championship-
I like Florida in this one. I've been saying all year that I think the Big 10 is overrated, yet OSU keeps winning. I think I finally figured out why OSU bugs me so much. It's because their is so much Oden hype- yet he's not even the best FRESHMAN on his team. Mike Conley Jr. is clearly their MVP. Still- Florida won the football matchup and I'm looking for the same outcome here- and I wouldn't be surprised at all if it wasn't that close. Teams often seem to have early championship jitters- and if Florida's experience can drive them through that, it could be over before it even gets going. Let's hope for something tighter. By the Way- has anyone else noticed "One Shining Moment" has sucked for abou 3 years straight?

2) MLB Opening Day-
I like the Phillies, Indians, and A's, in that order. I worked for the Phillies as an intern after graduating college. At the time, I had zero interest in them- but it's impossible to dedicate a period of time to something without being somewhat passionate for it. For me- I became die hard. I don't have high hopes for any one of my teams- I think it's better for THEM that way. Teams I want to win rarely do- so I should probabably root for the Yanks.

3) ...and most importantly, Masters Week is here!
I'm trying not to get too pumped up for this yet. It's still too many days and sporting events away. By tomorrow afternoon though, I'll be gushing Masters talk. Look for that to spill over onto oobgolf.

Enjoy your Monday!

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