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By mustang6560 on 2/29/12
Padraig Harrington is raising money for the husband of his wife's cousin, who was paralyzed in a car accident last December, in an unusual way - he's selling all of the advertising space on his apparel and staff bag for a three-week period centered around The Masters.
“If somebody wants to have their branding on the front on my hat or if they want the golf bag or any other place, it’s up for auction for that three-week spell when I am playing the Shell Houston Open, the Masters Tournament and the RBC Heritage at Hilton Head. We already have a bid of €100,000 for the front of my cap and €50,000 for the space on my chest. I am auctioning all my spots for that period and all my sponsors have agreed to give them up. It’s all for charity.”
Man, I wish oobgolf had an extra $150,000 lying around so we could sponsor Padraig's hat for three weeks. How cool would it be to see oobgolf represented at Augusta National?

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falcon50driver says:
If you'd take a little pay cut you could do it.
mmontisano says:
put a donate button on the site and run it through PayPal. i'd throw in $5 to $10.
mjaber says:
Maybe just send him a free hat...
chief_broom says:
Paddy's a class act!
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