Scorecards Galore
By Kickntrue on 10/26/06
Everyone has a hobby. This guy collects scorecards. After stumbling up his site- we found that a lot of people collect, trade and sell scorecards. Check out this site.

Here is another site dedicated to all things collectable- related to golf. It's just a forum for people to discuss back and forth. I've never really thought about it as my cup of tea, but I guess it beats collecting stamps.

Golf Collector Forum.

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klangdon says:
Anyone want to buy some scorecards from Central Pennsylvania?
jimithen says:
I can see collecting your own score cards as a reminder of some great courses you've gotten to play. But why would you want to buy someone else's??
falcon50driver says:
I never thought I was a collector but I have saved all my scorecards for the last few years. I've been playing about ten years. I fly a Learjet for a group of businesspeople and have cards from an area whose outer limits are Venezula,Costa Rica,Cabo San Lucas,Alaska,Nova Scotia,Bermuda,St Maarten and back over to Aruba. The most fantastic course was on the Island of Nevis, carved on the side of a volcano..One hole has a vertical drop from the tee box to the fairway that looked like two or three hundred feet.I've never had a drive get that much hang time anywhere else.
Kickntrue says:

That's AWESOME! I really don't have much more to say than that.

Thanks for the really cool story.
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