"The Big Miss" Hits Stores Today
By mustang6560 on 3/27/12
The wait is over.

"The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods", Hank Haney's tell-all book, hits stores today and I am tempted to purchase the digital edition through iTunes (for $12.99). If you're undecided like me, then watch Hank's segment from SportsCenter yesterday about his book. It may help sway you in one direction.

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legitimatebeef says:
I feel we should all act like men used to act and not indulge in all this gossipy trashy he-said she-said stuff. It's not dignified for men to have their tongues all wagging over it. I mean Ive read Hank's excerpt about Tiger not sharing his popsicles and Hank (in his own pitiful words) being "too afraid to ask" for one and then I decided that the whole thing is stupid and not worth a second look.
homermania says:
I normally agree with the beef. Today is no different.
Duke of Hazards says:
tell it beef!
dartboss04 says:
I love Tiger winning two days before this release. Hopefully this book lives up to its name.
homermania says:
...and yes, I also love the fact that he won right before the book hit.
BrandoBear says:
Agreed homermania, how great for Tiger to give Hank Haney the finger--who now looks like a total idiot, and crybaby that he got fired. All in all, anyone (especially the media) who needs to continually talk about someone else is a total fool...I suppose athletes create thousands of jobs...so it could be argued as a good thing. Sorry Hank, you're still dumb.
beisenhauer says:
According to Geoff Shackelford's review, the book is, on the whole, nothing like the excepts that have been released, i.e. not all gossippy. Might actually be worth a look.
mmontisano says:
as beisenhauer says, Geoff Shackelford said it's worth the read. here's the link:
falcon50driver says:
I wouldn't read it if someone gave it to me.
Banker85 says:
Hank looks a little creppy in this interview, smiling at inappropriate times.
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