Golf Pong Shots
By Kickntrue on 4/6/07
Since you're not working anyway...

Amazing Golf Pong Shots - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Submitted by Josh Ives

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trgoyne says:
Damn, I miss college.
klangdon says:
Estimated time to make all the putts in this video: 3,420 hours.
DeepRough says:
wow...yeah at least that many hours..heh
jimithen says:
So this is what the future doctors of America are doing with their spare time?
jdaly says:
I don't care how many hours that took. Those were some very cool shots!
Pipetto84 says:
could the owner or creator of the Golf Pong Video please get in contact with me as we are looking to include it in a new BBC TV Comedy Show and we need to find out who the owner is to send a contract out. If any of you guys know anything coyuld you get back to me at

Tom Howell
Tiger Aspect Productions
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