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Prophetic Pastor Assaults Golfer
By Kickntrue on 4/7/07
A 6'10" former basketball player, Michael Babin, now a "proven prophet of God" was accused of assaulting another golfer who allegedly stole his ball from the course.

[Babin] allegedly threw Jennings to the ground at Oceanside Municipal Golf Course. To be fair, Babin disputes the description, saying the takedown was caused by his slipping.

Babin's two golfing companions, one of whom was his son, attempted to elicit an apology from Jennings by threatening to break his arm, according to a police report. Before any groveling could occur, Jennings was smitten - i.e., stomped - into unconsciousness, according to witnesses.

No word on whether the bishop retrieved his dripping ball.

Babin pleaded not guilty to felony assault charges. It was not mentioned in the report if Babin will be giving the Easter sermon tomorrow, but here's hoping!

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volleyhart says:
And the Lord said you've got to rise up and get away from my PRO V-1!
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