Tiger Yesterday- Covering His Red
Tiger Loses Because of Black Sweater
By Kickntrue on 4/9/07
Tiger Woods lost yesterday (is 2nd place money REALLY losing?) at The Masters after, for him, a pretty lousy final round. While taking nothing away from winner Zach Johnson- it is certainly fair to say people were surprised, but maybe they shouldn't be. Tiger has never won at Augusta when hiding his "Sunday Red".

It is a well documented fact that Tiger always dons a red Nike on Sundays. Every tournament he has ever won as a pro, has been with him wearing some sort of red shirt. In the past couple of years, Tiger has been mixing it up a bit- often wearing multi-colored stripes and mixing up the shirt type a bit (not just polos).

In the last couple of years, Tiger has even gone as far as wearing a sweater (usually black) over his red Sunday shirt almost completely covering it. This is what he chose to do in yesterday's final round at Augusta National.

Clearly a bad choice. Take a look at the following pictures of Tiger wearing the Green Jacket and you'll notice two things are very clear, 1) Red looks terrible under green, and 2) He's never done it any other way. It is evident to me that Tiger was looking at his position going into the final round a little too confident. He figured he had it in the bag and decided to wear the black sweater to make his winning photos more aesthetically pleasing.

It's hard to feel bad for Tiger, especially since he did it to himself.

There is a lesson to be learned from this: Just Do It! ALWAYS wear red!

Tiger in 1997
Tiger 1997

Tiger in 2001
Tiger 2001

Tiger in 2002
Tiger 2002

Tiger in 2005

Tiger 2005

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JustinMcCracken says:
tiger is going to win atleast 3 more masters by the time he hits 40.
JJOHNSON08 says:
Hey did tiger were a red shirt in the master this year.Because all the pics.. show him in a red shirt..mmmmmm.maybe he needs to wear 1 next year
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