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Bunker From Hell
By Kickntrue on 4/12/07
One of our users recently played a round at Parris Island Golf Course and I was given a tip by DeepRough to check out the google image for the course. You MUST see this bunker! I think if I hit into that thing I'd just rake my ball out and quit. (GoogleMap)

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duecebomb says:
is this on a par 3 or what? and Eagle Ridge is Gilroy, CA has a similar one but maybe not this rediculous
klangdon says:
it looks like those ink blots psychotherapists use. i see a mermaid swimming behind two fish.
DeepRough says:
Yeah, crazy right? The rest of that course looks insane as well. I guess after a couple months of training on Paris Island the guys want to be tortured on the course as well?
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