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GreenFix Ballmark Elimination System
By Kickntrue on 4/17/07
When metal spikes started being replaced by plastic- some thought it was a fad, but when a product comes along that truly benefits the course and the conditions of play, it IS a big deal. That's why I think the GreenFix Ballmark System is going to be a REAL advancement for the game of golf. I hate ball marks and divots and it seems that it's really as easy as switching divot tools and being smart. Once everyone is using these tools, it should help a lot.

The GreenFix Ball Mark Elimination System is a member led program. At each course, a passionate member or player (public courses) is chosen to implement and manage the program. A voluntary turf team consisting of 3 to 4 other members, will aide the member leader during the implementation process. The beauty of this system is it keeps employees of the course out of the political arena and lets the members take more ownership in improving the quality of their greens.

Recently a Kansas State research study found that unrepaired ball marks actually heal FASTER than ones repaired with the old fashioned divot tool. But of course we don't want to leave unfixed craters on our greens! The reason is simple. Old fashioned divot tools have very long prongs which cut through the root system thus killing the grass. Yes, most of us repair our ball mark and when done see a nice smooth, flat surface again. Come back tomorrow and look at the same spot. Chances are you will be shocked when you see an ugly dead brown spot. With the GreenFix Wizard, the prongs are too short for players to jab, lift, and twist which damages the fragile roots on your greens. I guess one superintendent summed it up best when he said, "The GreenFix Wizard is a divot repair tool for dummies."


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klangdon says:
This is pretty interesting. The one thing that bothers me is that, unlike with plastic spikes, there only appears to be one manufacturer of this tool.
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