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Curtis Strange and Hubert Green into Golf Hall of Fame
By Kickntrue on 4/19/07
I'm a little late on this one, but Curtis Strange and Hubert Green have been inducted into the World Golf Hall-of-Fame. They are the 113th and 114th members of the Hall. Both golfers are known for their game as well as their sometimes abrasive comments. Speculation is that the latter was the reason they've been overlooked in the past.
Strange, the dominant American golfer of the 1980s whose career was defined by his consecutive U.S. Open victories, was elected through the PGA Tour ballot with 70 percent of the vote, easily getting the required 65 percent.

Green won 19 times and two majors, no victory more memorable than the 1977 U.S. Open at Southern Hills when he was told of a death threat on the back nine of the final round and handled it with fearless tenacity.


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