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By Kickntrue on 4/26/07
With the NFL Draft coming up this weekend and I decided to hold our own draft, with a little twist. We each picked 11 golfers that we thought would be a good fit on an NFL roster. Some of the pics are goofy and some ring true. Either way- we had a lot of fun. Check out my team below and see DeepRough's analysis at

QB- Jim Furyk 6'2" 185
Every team needs a leader and Furyk makes a good pick. The number two golfer in the world has solid mechanics with the exception of the glitch up top. You know who else has a glitch? Vince Young. I'll deal with the glitch and have Furyk lead my team to glory. Bonus points for looking like Geoff George with his hat off.

RB- Sergio Garcia 5'10" 160
I grew up in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania that like to run on 1st and 2nd down, and again on 3rd. Sergio Garcia is my workhorse. He is young, fit and shows the flash I like in a back. You think anybody on Team DeepRough could pull Greg Norman's daughter? I don't think so.

WR- Arjun Atwal 6'1" 185
The best wide receivers make themselves stand out (read:badass). Terrel Owens, Chad Johnson, Randy Moss and Keyshawn Johnson. My team has Arjun Atwal. Well sized- I snatched him away as quickly as I could. He's such a perfect fit the Bengals have actually called me about him. I know he likes to go fast and knows how to deal with the law. That's why he's my WR. (do link)

TE- Phil Mickelson 6'3" 200
This is where the stats on get a little goofy. It has my TE Phil Mickelson listed at 200 pounds. The good news is, I actually WANT my TE around 230. The bad news is, I want that in the legs and torso. Mickelson can block, catch and move well enough to keep the chains moving. He's the Thunder to Atwal's Lightning.

OL- John Daly 5'11" 220(riiight!)
Looks like you get to submit your own weight for the official PGA Tour stats page. John Daly is my lineman. It's an obvious choice based on size, but also because he has a mean streak. I don't like the smoking- but I LOVE that my OL can go out and hit the crap out of people- just like he does the ball off the tee. I like this matchup against DeepRough's Craig Stadler. I think Daly may actually have the speed advantage, which is hard to believe. Furyk's blind side should be well protected.

DL- Colin Montgomerie 6'1" 198
I want Monty from around 1995. That said, I'll still take him now. Solid and steady- I think Colin has the ability to get to the QB with consistancy. He will hold the like of scrimmage and let the guys behind him make plays. The other beauty of having Colin on the roster is a built in coach of the future. He's a "front-butt" away from being Bill Parcells.

LB- Vijay Singh 6'2" 208
Ahh- time for the fun players. The players that lower the BOOM (I told you I'm from Pennsylvania). Vijay is getting older, but I still want him as my stud linebacker. He stays in great shape and his amazing play has put the whole cheating incident behind him. Sounds a lot like the Ray Lewis story.

CB- Adam Scott 6'0" 170
I can't have my corner prancing around like Deion Sanders and not making tackles. Adam Scott runs a little light at 170 pounds, but I have a feeling thats before he's filled out into the man-chine I'm hoping he will be for my team. His size compares favorably to Champ Bailey- I can deal with that. He has the speed to handle DeepRough's Robert Karlsson and can get deep help from my saftey to handle Karlsson's size. You know if Scott gets his hands on the ball he's taking it to the house.

SS- Justin Rose 6'3" 195
Every rose has a thorn- and my Rose will be looking to jam that thorn into DeepRough's skill-players one collision at a time. At 6'3" 195 he has a couple inches on Adam Archuleta which should allow him to sneak up to the line to help Vijay in the middle. I wish he'd grow his hair out a bit. I'd feel 100% on this pick if he had the hair of Troy Polamalu.

K- Camilo Villegas 5'9" 160
The picture says enough.

ST- Zach Johnson 5'11" 160
The reason Zach makes the team, is his toughness. Anyone who can go toe-to-toe on the back 9 with Tiger and come out victorious, can be my Gunner on Special Teams. He reminds me a little of Steve Tasker. You see a small white guy coming at you and smirk. The next thing you see are the clouds overhead.

DeepRough's Squad-

QB - Geoff Ogilvy - 6'2 - 180
RB - KJ Choi - 5'8 - 185
WR - Robert Karlsson - 6'5 - 198
TE - Bo Van Pelt - 6'4 - 200
OL - Jason Gore - 6'1 - 235
DL - Craig Stadler - 5'10 - 250
LB - Bubba Watson - 6'3 - 180
CB - Luke Donald - 5'9 - 160
S - Tiger Woods - 6'1 - 185
K - Mike Weir - 5'9 - 155
ST - Boo Weekley - 6'0 - 210

What do you think? I personally think my team blows his away, but I must admit I'm a little afraid of the Milton High, Florida boys.

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DeepRough says:
You're going down!
klangdon says:
Milton High Florida boys are choke artists.
volleyhart says:
Damn - look at the gut on Daly!
Snyper says:
Bubba Watson...what a great name for a line backer!
the academy says:
Th deep rough has you by far
DeepRough says:
we need someone to mock up these teams in madden and simulate a game ;)

But I agree with academy, I'd kick butt ;)
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