CBS Is Lame. Won't Air John Daly Ad
By Kickntrue on 4/25/07
CBS is refusing to air an ad for Maxfli golf balls where John Daly is featured crusiing around the golf course on a cart while drinking a beer.
The ad is not intended to link driving and drinking, said Maxfli spokesman Bob Maggiore.

'And if operating a golf cart like that was a crime, police could find plenty of easy sobriety checkpoints at 10th greens,' Maggiore said.

I'm not going to go into a whole rant about network tv and the FCC but COME ON!!! Get real with your lives.

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klangdon says:
The ad appears to be up on

I find it objectionable based on the fact that it contains John Daly singing...
Josh says:
Where did you find the video? I didn't see it after looking around on the site for a few minutes.
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