Another Driver Fails Inspection
By Kickntrue on 5/2/07
Some of Callaway's Big Bertha 460 drivers have been found to be non-conforming. You may remember five weeks ago it was reported that the new Nike's Sumo2 was also deemed illegal. Don't they test these things ahead of time?

The technical reason:

According to a letter obtained by Golf Digest and Golf World, a single model of Callaway's Big Bertha 460 driver has slipped over the USGA Characteristic Time limit regulations, which correlate to the USGA's coefficient of restitution (spring-like effect) limit of .830.

That really means NOTHING to me- but sounds scandalous.


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Josh says:
Whoa... I had always thought the USGA COR limit was .860 my world has officially been rocked. To be honest I'm not 100% sure I agree with the whole COR limit thing. Are we really worried about getting to the point where it's over 1.0? As long as the club is a static device with no moving parts I'd think we're within the realm of reason.

And why .830? What makes that the magic number? Anyone out there know?
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