LPGA Doesn't Like Press
By Kickntrue on 5/8/07
The LPGA is mean to bloggers. Our buddy DeepRough tried to get press passes to an event and was turned down for "being a blogger". I guess we aren't real press.

From the "officials":
...The LPGA reviews and processes all media credential requests. I received an email stating that it is against their policy to provide credentials to blogs and therefore they would be denying the request...

DeepRough didn't complain loud enough. What the heck is the LPGA thinking here? The event costs $15 freaking bucks per day. While I don't know DeepRough's visitor numbers for his site- it seems like his reporting could do enough to be worth $15 of exposure. Plus by denying- other people want to talk about it. While oobgolf isn't going to bring the LPGA to its knees, what if someone like Deadspin.com or WithLeather.com decides to get pissed?

If there is one thing mainstream sports will soon learn- as companies like ESPN already are learning- you should encourage grassroots growth and you DON'T want to mess with the blog world. Sure... nothing may come of this, but blogging is new media- and organizations will have to recognize this.

DeepRough's Story

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