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oobgolfer Merlin2Driver's Hole-In-One
By Kickntrue on 5/9/07
oobgolf's most active user, Merlin2Driver entered a unique score last week. He was playing in a 4-man scramble and we noticed a "1" on hole number two. It won't count towards his handicap- but it's a great story.

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Was it your first hole in one?
It was my second, I had my first hole in one in 2003 at Black Mesa Golf Club in Santa Fe New Mexico 137 yards as I recall. My playing partner was an FBI agent from Los Angeles. Pretty reliable witness. Bob Evans was his name, not the restaurant owner however.

What's the closest you've ever been before?
Once, I had a ball hanging over the edge of the cup, checking out the furniture....... another time.....4 inches away from fame.
I had an eagle 2 on a 430 yard par 4 in St Louis. The second shot was 190yards. That's as good as a hole in one, Right?
My most memorable birdie was holing a 145 yard 3rd shot on a par 4 in Florida, had a real short drive.

What club did you use?
It was the same Adam Tightlies 7 wood as the first hole in one, and the 145 yard hole out.
I'm going to have to go get one of those. TWO hole-in-one's!!

Walk us through the shot and what you were thinking while the ball was in the air.
We had a great group of guys and were having a lot of fun. Everyone was playing well, I just took an easy swing and it was one of those pure shots that you know will turn out well. It landed soft and rolled about 3 feet and disappeared in the cup. The tournament witness jumped out of her chair, and the foursome on the next tee came running over to congratulate me on my new truck. It was a great feeling.

What did you win?
There was a "closest to the hole prize" of a new Ping 2 PAL putter. The "Hole in One Prize" was a 2007 Ford Pickup.
WOW! Not bad... except coming up with $3k for taxes.

Did your team win the tournament? Was it a scramble?
The tournament was a four man scramble, Bayou Din Golf Course is a par 71, we had 2 eagles and 8 birdies for a 59 but finished second to a 57.

Did you buy the drinks?
Of course.......This thing happened early in the round, and by the end I was messed up as a snake in a roto tiller.
I've got to move to Texas.

Anything else?
Attorney John Stone invited me the day before, to play with him, his son Jimmy, and Bob Rose, when one of his friends, Gaylyn Cooper had to drop out.

Thanks for the time!


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