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My Favorite Ways You've Found Us
By Kickntrue on 5/18/07
I looked through the different keywords you've used to find oobgolf in the past month (yes- I can see that).

Here are my favorites that have led to visits:
1) "smooth balls"
2) "sex" or "sex video" and "paris hilton sex video"
3) "dough"
4) "golf ball equator"
5) "ives sucks"

The last is my personal favorite- I assume it refers to one of our frequent users and comment guru's. Get some better friends dude.

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volleyhart says:
Hey - how did you get that picture of Ives?
Josh says:
He found it taped to the ceiling above your bed.
volleyhart says:
HAH! Very good. Glad to see your sense of humor wasn't stolen this weekend by Ranger. But keep it clean - this is a family site, we wouldn't want the oob lords to ban us.
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