Things I Read Daily
By Kickntrue on 5/25/07
If you're anything like me- your probably sitting at work daydreaming of your next round. Here are links to golf-related sites I read daily when I need my "fix".

The Men
Deep Rough
Golf Now
Down The Middle

And of course... the ladies.
The Golf Girl
Fairway Flapper
Golf Babes

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golfgirl says:
That photo is adorable!
golfgirl says:
BTW...I read you everyday too...multiple times.
FairwayFlapper says:
Thanks for reading!! I too find myself seated in the office, itching to swing by the driving range ASAP ... but in the mean time I'm lovin oobgolf. What a huge amount of great content & resources!
neilsagebiel says:
OK, let's make it a foursome of thankfulness. :) (Neil from Down the Middle. AKA The Armchair Golfer.)
DeepRough says:
Thanks man!
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