73 Degree Wedge
By Kickntrue on 5/29/07
Feel Golf, a high-end California based golf company, has been showing off their ... wait for it ... 73 DEGREE wedge and the early word on the street is that some PGA Touring pros are taking a liking to it. The club takes all the guesswork out of tricky flop shots. Next year, Feel plans on releasing a club that actually swings for you- so you can't screw that up either.

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DeepRough says:
craziness...i wonder when the 90 degree wedge will be released ;)
volleyhart says:
73-degrees? "Takes all the guesswork out ..." Isn't that cheating a little bit? Hmmm - wonder when I can pick one up.
Ryan Rees says:
pretty soon you will be able to shoot the ball and then have to step out from under ball so you don't get hit on the head as it comes down. ha-ha
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