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System 36 Golf Tournament Scoring System
By Kickntrue on 6/1/07
I like to check in every so often and make sure you are keeping on top of your golf vocab. Do you know what a "System 36" is? It's a way to keep a handicap for single day tournaments when you don't have an offical index.

The general idea of the System 36 Handicap System is that a better golfer is going to have more pars and even bogies than a bad golfer. Here's how it works:
Throughout the round, the golfer accrues points based on the following formula:

* Double bogey or worse - 0 points
* Bogey - 1 point
* Par or better - 2 points
* At the end of the round, points earned are tallied. The total is subtracted from 36, and the resulting number is the golfer's handicap allowance. His net score can then be computed using his System 36 handicap allowance.

So- let's say I play 18 holes that include 1 birdie, 4 pars, 8 bogies and 5 "worse".

That means I would get 5 x 2 for my birdies and pars. I get 8 x 1 for my bogies and nothing for my doubles and worse.

36 minus 18 equals 18- which would be my one day handicap.

I hadn't really seen this too much before posting this "how-to" on it- but I really like it. It's simple and fairly accurate. Nothing for a single day would ever be perfect but take your next round- and use the System 36 formula and then compare it to your oob handicap (which is the same as USGA). I'd be interested in knowing how close it is.


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jdaly says:
Based on my last 3 rounds, it came up ~2 points above my oob handicap. The system couldn't get much easier.
litod says:
where can i get a software for system 36 scoring
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