Hack- Michelle Wie
By Kickntrue on 5/31/07
She "tweaked" her injury. She was also in danger of shooting an 88- which is not good for being allowed to stay in LPGA events. (Michelle"Hack"Wie)

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mbills1015 says:
This is clearly the reason she should not be playing with the men. If you can't even finish a women's event you should definitely not be allowed to play in a men's. I am definitely not buying the tweaked her injury claim. She was 14 over through 16 I believe and then she tweaked her injury?? Not buying what she's selling. She needs to become a full time member of the LPGA, and compete with the ladies. Otherwise she will continue to fail with the men and ultimately be looked at as a joke. Which quite frankly right now that is exactly what she is!
Snyper says:
I couldn't agree more! I hated what she was doing from the word go. I've been the biggest opponent to her and all the hype and special treatment that she's gotten since her career began. Everyone wanted to talk about how amazing she is and how many records she was gonna break. Yeah. Now here we are at a point where she should be about ready to peak, and she can't break 80!! Put me in coach. I like my chances against her at this point! And oh yeah, the only thing injured is her pride.
DeepRough says:
first she needs to actually qualify for an LPGA event...forget about these sponsors exemptions, get yourself in legit...then show us you can make the cut again ;)
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