Love The Mascot
Stanford Men Win NCAA Championship
By Kickntrue on 6/4/07
We should care more about college golf. Stanford won the NCAA Men's Championship over the weekend leading the event wire-to-wire. (FullStory)

p.s. Could someone please explain how a tree is their mascot but their name is Cardinal.. but not "Cardinals". I know the "answer" is because it refers to their color.. and not the bird- but who's name is a color and why even have a mascot? Why not something red? Life's mysteries are crazy!

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falcon50driver says:
Looks more like a Marijuana plant than a tree, not that I have see all that many Marijuana plants , you know.....
Kickntrue says:
The funny thing is... last I heard the tree was banned as a mascot. I guess the guy showed up drunk and punched someone out or something- so they banned the mascot overall.
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