My best effort.
It's Halloween.
By Kickntrue on 10/31/06
So- the calendar says October 31- so I guess that makes it a holiday? Some people seem to think so anyway.

First up...


On the right- you will see my best effort. I know it is very weak. See if you can beat it. Post your URL in the comments. I'd love to see what you can do.

Do your own HERE.


You heard Tiger is taking off this weekend's tourny. This is why- HALLOWEEN.

Check out what Tiger will be going as this year.

Tiger going as Tiger... with a personality.


Some people have whole events surrounding Halloween. Looks like this event is full for this year- but it's never too early to get on the list for 2007.


Halloween Mini Golf Set

Okay... there was only one example- but it was good!


This is where things get more fun and interesting. I have a couple good examples of golf themed costumes. If you are going trick-or-treating tonight, and it's too late to fo to the store- just go raid Grandpa's closet. If you ARE Grandpa... stay in. Halloween is for kids and devil worshippers.

Remember the line in Happy Gilmore? "If I saw myself in that, I'd have to kick my own..." Well- this outfit reminds me a little of that.

You can buy it here. If you are about to waste $57.99 + S&H on that though- stop, contemplate, and send the money to me instead.

This- is the worst costume mask I've ever seen. I'm assuming that is supposed to be Tiger Woods? The only way I'm believing that is if it comes with Elin (hmm.. good idea for next year).

If you're sold on it though- get it here.

This one I don't have a picture for... but is a MUST CLICK.


I found two interesting eBay items.

Check them out here and here.

I found this one (the second of the two) to be particularly interesting. I don't know the story behind it, but it appears to be released by Titleist.

Well- that's about it for me and Halloween. If you're in Maryland tonight- don't come knocking on my door. I bought of bunch of candy, but I'm not dumb. My wife can say all she wants, but I know if the kids don't get it- I do. I'm hoping nobody wants my Peanut Butter Cups.

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jamesbryanlangdon says:
I know that man up there, decked out in the ridiculous golf gear. Let me tell you, halloween is a treat, because that is the only time he wears clothes.

I'm going as Tiger's wife this year.
mbills1015 says:
trust me nobody wants your "peanut butter cups"... not sure what that means. Anyway, I'm going out tonight as Tiger and I already ordered that same mask. Except mine came with blond highlights and a matching nanny.
dml138 says:
Just so you know... I work for the company that distributes the mask you have listed above as Tiger Woods. It is actually supposed to be Huey P. Newton Mask.
Kickntrue says:
Funny- once you mentioned it... it DOES look more like Newton than Woods.

The only thing is the big toothy smile- Huey Newton never smiled- ever.
jimithen says:
I'm thinking of going as Phil Mickelson. All I have to do is gain 50 pounds of fat, wear a training bra for my man boobs and ask people to give me the Hymlic Maneuver all night. I hope I don't have to explain that joke to anyone.
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