Catfight! -- Annika vs. Wie
By Kickntrue on 6/6/07
Annika Sorenstam took issue with Michelle Wie's handling of her wrist injury and withdrawl last week when she was at 14 over par. She didn't have an issue with the injury, just that Michelle was back out practicing 2 days later to get ready for the LPGA Championship which starts later this week in Maryland. Sorenstam wonders how bad it really could've been, or if it was more of a bruised ego injury.
Wie, who is not a member of the women's tour and has played courtesy of sponsors' exemptions, including in men's events, refused to back down.

"I don't think I need to apologise for anything," she said. "I just have to take care of my body and mover forward and only think of positive things."

Adding intrigue to her withdrawal was an LPGA rule that any non-member who shoots 88 or worse in a round is barred from the tour for the rest of the season. Wie was two bogeys away from that ignominious score.

"I don't think about [shooting] 88," she said. "I mean, that's just ridiculous."

Riiight. Sell that to someone who's buying manure.

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