Joe Posnanski
By Kickntrue on 1/27/09
Carve 10 minutes out of your day and read this article by writer Joe Posnanski. It's brilliant and you don't have to like Tiger Woods a bit.
Of course, he could not have been that sure. Unless he was. I donGÇÖt know. IGÇÖm fascinated by Tiger Woods because I donGÇÖt know, because his greatness is not easily explained. Jim Brown was bigger, faster, strong and meaner. Michael Jordan had more weapons and more intensity. Richard Petty had faster cars. Wayne Gretzky has more imagination and the touch of a pianist. Steffi Graf hit the ball harder and closer to the lines. Roger Clemens threw 95 mph, and his split-fingered fastball fell in trap doors, and he could locate those pitches, and heGÇÖd hit you in the head if he felt like it. Even Jack NicklausGÇÖ greatness comes down to hitting ball higher, longer, straighter and his uncanny ability to make the putts he had to make. He also played the game seriously and with purpose and force. There are a lot of similarities between Jack and his hunter.

With Tiger, though, there seems to be something beyond even that GǪ yes, he DOES hit it higher, longer, and he does have an uncanny ability to make putts, and heGÇÖs magical around the green in a way that Nicklaus was not. But there does seem to be something else inside him, a sense of time, a sense of the future, a sense of destiny. I remember once an opponent talked about trying to beat Bjorn Borg on the clay, and he said something like this: GÇ£You go out there saying, GÇÿOK, I donGÇÖt care if I have to be here for seven hours, IGÇÖm going to stay patient, and IGÇÖm going to keep hitting shots with this guy, and IGÇÖm going to outlast him. GǪ Only then, about an hour into the match you realize that he doesnGÇÖt care if he has to be out there ALL WEEK or ALL MONTH or ALL YEAR. And thatGÇÖs the moment when he has you.GÇ¥
The Meaning Of Tiger- Joe Posnanski

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leeheppjr says:
Truly great piece of writing. The end is especially telling of Tiger's mental toughness.
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