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Heavenly Angel
By Kickntrue on 6/17/07
Just to note- it's 7:32pm. I'm posting just after Angel Cabrera won the US Open. I'm trying to predict the headline of or I think I'll beat them to the punch with their lame efforts.

UPDATE- 7:34pm- goes with "Angel On High"
UPDATE- 7:35pm- "Angel In America"
UPDATE- 7:36pm- "A Perfect Angel"
UPDATE- 7:37pm- "It's Angel At The Open"
UPDATE- 7:45pm- continues to go with boring "Cabrera Wins US Open" hmmph- no creativity.
UPDATE- 11:33pm- has gone to "Touched By An Angel" - thank God someone over there is getting paid.

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klangdon says:
someones gotta throw "duck" in there...
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