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Pat Forde Is Dumb
By Kickntrue on 6/19/07
ESPN's Pat Forde wrote an article up online today and while I'm usually not one to rip into "real" journalists- it's crap. He basically says that Tiger has become a beatable player and while he is still good- he shouldn't be feared. His Sunday presence is no longer there. Read the article- then see my thoughts after the jump. (Story)

Let's Review-
** In the last 4 majors Tiger has finsihed 1, 1, 2, 2
** This season- he's won 3 out of 8 starts, with 2 second's
** Won 10 out of last 15 overall events.

Ya, Forde- you have a good point. Tiger is a turned into a domesticated little pussy cat recently... You are out of your freaking mind. Golf is a sport where you are great if you win 10% of the time. It isn't tennis where you're one on one- you are playing a field. Also- the US Open is against ANYONE in the world, that's why it's OPEN. He wasn't just second in the field- he was 2nd against anyone who wanted to try to beat him last weekend, and only 1 person could do better on the given four days.

I think you could make a pretty good case that 4 second-place finishes in the majors is more impressive than 1 win- though Tiger may argue that. My point is- Pat Forde is an idiot just trying to get a reaction- and I guess it worked, but I doubt I'm going to take much of his work seriously anymore.

Then again... it's not like he knows anything about golf. Why does ESPN have him writing on this?

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DeepRough says:
Half of the 'journalists' paid by ESPN spew pure rubbish...Len Pasquarelli...are you kidding me?
klangdon says:
Another important distinction of Golf is how different courses in the Majors can be. Dominating on Sunday at Oakmont requires a very different game than that required next month across the pond.

Just because Federrer only takes second place on clay doesn't mean he isn't the best Tennis player in the world...

I would love to hear Pat Forde tell Aaron Badley that Tiger should no longer be feared.
golfgirl says:
Perhaps he just meant that in golf, because of the nature of the game, no player is ever really unbeatable. That it's a myth, that any one player could be unbeatable. From there to say that Tiger shouldn't be feared is pushing it.

Personally, I think where Pat Forde went wrong was to say that Tiger has now become unbeatable. Frankly, I think that in the minds of most of his competitors Tiger is still going to seem fearsome and unbeatable. No matter what Mr. Forde writes.
Kickntrue says:
I agree with what is being said. My other beef I didn't mention is that Forde says that Tiger used to be good for 2 strokes on Sunday. Well- he was. Baddley- the LEADER after 3 rounds shot an 80. Like you said Kevin- he FELT it. Cabrera had the advantage of playing ahead without the "Tiger Chasers."

That said- I'm taking nothing away from Angel's victory. Just saying Forde's an idiot.
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