Paula Creamer- looking good.
Sexiest Women Golfers
By Kickntrue on 6/20/07
I actually debated just talking about this and if I should actually link it- so I'll do both. is currently running a picture spread of "Sexiest Women Golfers" as one of their top headlines. This clearly comes from the influence of their partnership with SportsIllustrated.

I would love a couple females to post their opinions on this- because even I think it's a bit much to have 8 ladies being shown off in lingerie and swimsuits "in the name of golf." should leave the objectification of women to bloggers and more off-the-cuff sports sites. I'm not dumb- people WANT to see this stuff, and I have no problem with there being an outlet for it, but something feels odd when it's Maybe I'm off my rocker with this one...?

Anyway- if you'd like, here are the pictures. ClickForHotness

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DeepRough says: Blair O'Neal eh?
volleyhart says:
Yes ... you should always share.
golfgirl says:
I absolutely don't agree with you on this one.

Unless is positioning itself as a "golf purist's" site, which, clearly it's not, this kind of "on-topic-but-entertaining" golf feature piece is perfectly appropriate. If they were using fashion models, with no connection to golf, in the spread, I would agree that it was out of context - but these are all professional golfers. They're portraying the fact that old perceptions about women's golf and women golfers are invalid...that today's women golfers are allowed to be, and are, much more multi-dimensional than the women golfers of the past.
golfgirl says:
Was more of a "golf purist's" site in the past? I've only been reading it for about a year, so I don't know, but I get the impression that this is what you're saying, and in that case, yes, the partnership with SI probably changed the culture of the site...made it more commercial. And they probably did that for monetary reasons. So, you'll probably have to find another site for that still caters to the golf purist.
golfgirl says:
Finally, I always find it amusing when men speak of the "objectification" of women. Better to let us gals worry about out our "objectification" ...or not worry about it.
Paula, Cristie et al sure aren't worrying about it. Not only do these women excel in a very difficult sport, but they look beautiful doing it. To me, as a woman, this photo spread shows empowerment rather than "objectification". And last time I checked empowerment was a good thing.
falcon50driver says:
When will we get to see some scores golfgirl ?
Kickntrue says:
I have the same question M2D.
golfgirl says:
In answer to your question, Soon! July & August are going to be the months for me to play tons of golf and post tons of scores. I've just been so busy with that annoying little income-generating-full-time-job of mine that I've hardly gotten to play much this summer and never gotten around to posting my scores, which BTW, are way high. :O) So, look for some big numbers from golfgirl soon.
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