Morgan Freeman Has A Golf Jones
By Kickntrue on 6/21/07
Here's a cool article written by actor Morgan Freeman for Newsweek that talks about how golf has changed his life for the better. It a short read- and well thought out.

An excerpt
Golf marks a major turning point for me, because I felt like I needed a change. But I never expected golf to be its own religion, a kind of spiritual journey. When you're aiming at the golf ball, it's the only thing in the universe of any importance. You're totally alone on the green. Yet it's not a lonely experience, because the game of golf is a journey that you take with your friends. The bigger point here is that golf is a good metaphor for one's life. The challenge of golf for me is trying to learn new rules. It's something you always have to work at; you don't get perfect at golf. It's the never-ending quest for betterment.

Freeman On Golf

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