Also an uneven fairway.
African-American Golf Doc Planned
By Kickntrue on 10/28/08
The Golf Channel and Moxie Pictures will be producing a golf documentary for Black History Month. The film will be called Uneven Fairways and will explore the history of golf for African Americans and the unfairness they were subjected to but overcame. The documentary will air in High Def on February 11, 2009.

I enjoy me a good golf documentary and this one should be pretty cool. This is the kind of thing you watch and digest and not only learn to appreciate history- but also makes you amazing at trivia. I love trivia. Did you know a female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find a mate?


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kidputter says:
And a Mourning Dove mates for life. There is a law prohibiting hunting them before noon, and the mate will not leave the fallen bird, making it easier to hunt.
As for the documentary, it sounds like Tiger build-up again. As I am not opposed to the documentary, how about one on the discrimination of golfers in general based on income, social class, etc. That would make for a good story. Singling out just the Afro-American golfer is perpetuating the racism and segregation issue.
Ben Crane says:
Didn't they already make a movie about Bagger Vance?
rmpeete says:
Kidave, you're "perpetuating" comment is a little nonsensical. So, by your reasoning, any account of history, be it how the founding fathers created the constitution, Babe Ruth's magnificent baseball fetes, bravery of WW II vets, etc., is a perpetuation and by definition a bad thing.

And your brother in brilliance, Ben Crane believes that the world should be limited to only one story told per issue because obviously one storyteller's viewpoint should suffice for us all. Only one book or documentary on any golfer, only one on Master's greats, only one on European players, only one on female players, only one on big hitters because it has been done before. Obviously you guys aren't in charge of programming for anyone and thatGÇÖs a great thing.
Ben Crane says:
rmpeete, The Legend of Bagger Vance was a fictional film. Lighten up and learn to recognize a joke when you see it.
rmpeete says:
Oh, now I get it, that WAS truly hysterical--I'm stitching up my side as I type. Yes, it's definitely my fault for not recognizing your comedic skill.
Ben Crane says:
So do you visit oobgolf to be a smartass or champion for civil rights because I'm not seeing many scores?
golfray says:
Ben Crane, I'm with you on the smartass thing. I'd like to see some requirement that you have a dozen or more scores posted before you have a right to post comments. Of course that wouldn't prevent anonymous jerks from posting, look at the leaderboard.
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