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One Way To Make Golf More Fun
By Kickntrue on 6/26/07
I don't really have much to say on this one- except.. it's "news" so I get to post it!! Guy goes to golf course- denied access. Guy gets mad- storms past gates and takes pictures of named women giving lap dances at the course "private event." (Safe) video and pictures posted with the story. (FullStory)

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LexMacar says:
Thats the kind of Golf tourny i want to be a part of ;)
volleyhart says:
Uhm ...
Kickntrue says:
The best part to me is the picture- and that "course." I see a ball washer (no pun intended) so that must be a tee box- I'm just not seeing anything that looks much like a tee box? The grass looks unmowed... and one of the "golfers" looks like he's in jeans.

Some golf course.
klangdon says:
The front page of their website says that there is a webcam coming soon!
Kickntrue says:
Maybe oob can set up a live 24/7 feed.
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