Bubba Watson's Latest Honor
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/27/14

Leave it to farmers to come up with a large-scale tip-of-the-hat to someone.

In this case, the honor is occurring in Santa Rosa County, Florida, where 2012 and 2014 Masters champion Bubba Watson attended high school. The locals who work at Sweet Season Farms in Berrydale, Florida decided to create a "corn maze" — which is a frequent and family-friendly activity farmers often create this time of year.

But instead of doing just an "ordinary" corn maze, these golf nuts decided to honor a native son. And while Bubba Watson may not necessarily be the most popular golfer on tour, you cannot ignore the creativity and the ingenuity of these farmers — or the impressive result.

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Hat-tip: PGA of America

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Image via pnj.com

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slimpks1850 says:
falcon50driver says:
How the heck did they do that? I was trying to figure out how to do a simple star in my front pasture, still haven't decided how to do it.
jfurr says:
@falcon -- GPS software which helps you mark it out. Crop circles, etc.
falcon50driver says:
No doubt it's GPS. I just need to put a little more thought into the specifics of what I'm trying to do, with the programs I have. Programs for flight planning and street navigation, plus google earth ought to do it.
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