Golf's Latest Villain
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/16/14
Austin Christopher is 23 years old. But when his girlfriend dumped him, he acted like a 3-year-old instead.

And now, some golfers and golf course staff in the Buffalo-Niagara region are paying the price for his infantile outburst. Specifically, those who work at and play Harvest Hill and Bob-O-Link Golf Courses in Orchard Park, New York are suffering Christopher's weekend meltdown. Christopher was so angry about being dumped by his girlfriend that he drove his truck onto one course, then the other, and spun multiple "doughnuts." Christopher completely destroyed the 9th green at Harvest Hills and also did considerable damage to the range at nearby Bob-O-Link.

WIVB-TV news reporter Lou Raguse has the story:

As if the police needed any further evidence, Harvest Hill course superintendent Eric Tuchols actually found chewed-up turf from his course still stuck to Christopher's truck. WIVB-TV also reported that Christopher was also arrested back in June on charges that he used a four-wheel ATV to rip up a neighbor's yard and harrass them.

In the meantime, the course superintendents and staff at both Harvest Hill and Bob-O-Link obviously got to work as quickly as possible to repair the damage Austin Christopher allegedly did.

Assuming he is convicted of the charges lodged against him, it might be worthwhile for him to serve an additional six months each as a grounds crew-member at both courses he damaged — under the careful watch of Harvest Hill's Tuchols and Bob-O-Link general manager Joe Ference, of course.

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Image via WIVB-TV

[ comments ]
jpjeffery says:
What a dork.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
"How dare you dump me! I'll show you what a good man you let go!"
Trip says:
For his punishment he should have to drive his truck up and down the driving range for the members to dispense justice.
joe jones says:
It will be interesting to see what he is charged with and what the penalty is.
aaronm04 says:
He has a history of assault on GRASS? Who the hell does that? (this guy apparently). I'd be much more in favor of a shaming punishment. Make him wear a sign admitting his guilt while standing next to the temporary green that will presumably be on the hole whose green he destroyed. Then members who have to putt on said temporary green can "have a little chat" with him.
srogers13 says:
The USGA penalty is two strokes, and replay the shot, I believe, joe.
joe jones says:
Who gets to take the shot and what kind of ammo is he using.
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