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Boo Weekley's Clothing Line
By Kickntrue on 2/2/09
Of all the guys on the PGA Tour you'd expect to have a clothing line, would you ever guess Boo Weekley?
Boo Weekley and Firethorn Clothing announced today the launch of a new line of apparel that reflects the style, charisma and spirit of one of golfGÇÖs most dynamic personalities.

GÇ£Boo by Firethorn TourGÇ¥ clothing has been created based on the vision, passion and concerns of Weekley, a two-time PGA TOUR champion and member of the victorious 2008 United States Ryder Cup team. With WeekleyGÇÖs personal charities along with joint charities Caddies For A Cure and the Wounded Warrior Project, the new line of Firethorn clothing not only transcends WeekleyGÇÖs lifestyle but is meant to encourage thoughts toward those serving our country and those less fortunate. All aspects will be noticeable in the Mossy Oak camouflage Brand and the Weekley Signature line.
Wait- I'm not sure I understand... will Boo's line have camo or is that separate? If he's not rocking camo- I'm not buying it.

The idea is general is pretty awesome, though, because it's not just an ad sponsor- it's an actual clothing line. The only person I can think of that would seem more out of place designing clothes is John Daly.

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