Qolf Balls- The Big Winner
Consumer Reports: Best Practice Ball
By Kickntrue on 7/10/07
Consumer Reports tested 4 practice balls/aids to determine which was the best. They tested the Gear for Golf ball, the AlmostGolf P3, the Birdieball and the Qolfball. The winner... 6 out of 7 panelists chose the Qolfball. (FullStory)

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klangdon says:
can you hit a qolf ball with a driver?
volleyhart says:
You can ... at least once.
Off-Course Golf Rob says:
I don't mean to be a downer, but these balls are pretty much just half weight plastic golf balls that, if you hit them off a golf course, will break things and definately dent cars. The real question you want to ask is, "Can I take five balls, put them in my pocket, grab an 8 iron and go to the park and have some fun without killing someone."The answer is a resounding no. Sorry. I produce off-course events through high school and college campuses and the only ball I can use it the almostGolf ball. That's the only one the schools will even consider. I recommend them much more highly and recommend you begin practicing at home as much as you can. www.offcoursegolf.net
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