Is Rory a tiger-tamer?
A Plea To Rory
By Kickntrue on 7/13/07
Golf can be an entertaining and engaging sport to watch on tv... IF Tiger is playing or it's the final round of a major. Beyond that, I couldn't care less what golf is and would probably choose NASCAR over it (If ya ain't rubb'n, you ain't racin). Golf faces unique challenges as a watchable sport like the fact that there is no physical violence or chance for a catastrophic injury. The sport does have advantages though, like the fact that the Tour players are out in the open, with the fans and aren't cloaked by a helmet or team uniform. They can be individuals.

That fact is- the sport needs a villain- and not just a Phil vs. Tiger rivalry time thing, but a true "I'll bite your ear off and eat your unborn children" type guy. I mean, why should boxing get to corner the market on crazy Mike Tyson's?

The news is that I think there is already a guy out there who can do it- but he needs a little more coaxing to the dark side- Rory Sabbattini. Rory's already shown he isn't afraid of Tiger Woods by speaking his mind with some inflammatory comments earlier this year. But it's sad when those comments were as simple as, "I think he's more beatable than ever." Just think how fun it would've been if he would've said, "Tiger Woods is a complete hack now. If he really is a tiger- he's a trained pussy-cat tiger not even capable of turning on Siegfried or Roy... and definitely not Rory." Now THAT would be fun.

So please- Rory, or someone. As a golf fan looking for a reason to turn on the tv between majors- it's time to step up your game. Your verbal game. Let Tiger and the rest of the boys have it and you'll see your game improve with it. Do you really think your playing partner will play well knowing at any moment you could chew his ear off?

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mbills1015 says:
the problem with choosing Rory is that I believe he shot like a 77 or something directly after those comments. I'm all for someone making a statement and speaking there mind, but they have to back it up a little bit. I mean he could have atleast shot a 70.
chucky says:
yes I hear ya mate..

Woods should then reply.

"Shabbiteeni weeni.. is no champ...he is a chump. No glory for Rory

golf will be steaming to watch then
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