Tad Fujikawa Turning Pro
By Kickntrue on 7/13/07
I was over at Patricia's site and found out my favorite 16 year old golfer Tad Fujikawa is turning pro. You may remember Tad made a name for himself earlier this year's Sony Open. I wish him the best- but I think the decision is dumb. (FullStory)

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golfgirl says:
I don't agree that it's a dumb decision. Chances are great that Tad's marketability will never be as good as it is now. Unless he becomes a Tiger caliber player which is unlikely, he'll probably never be able to get the kind of lucrative contracts and deals he can now, and in fact, anything could happen. I don't think Tad comes from a particularly wealthy family so I think the idea of being able to get his future (and his family's future) assured, must have a lot of appeal. It does not seem he's being pressured by his parents either. This seems to be coming from him. What's the big downside really?
Kickntrue says:
Downside= he could be burnt out by the time he's 21. I guess if he really sets his family for life it makes sense and his marketability is high now, but there are just too many examples of money changing lifestyles. If he makes 5M but burns out- history shows that person will be broke by the time they're 30.

If he develops his game and continues to build his celebrity and joins the pro circuit when he's ready he'll do better longterm.

I admit it'd be a tough call with the money being "real" though.
volleyhart says:
I agree with golfgirl. Go for it, take advantage of the opportunities as they're made available. Watch out for the Michelle Wie-effect, Tad.
LexMacar says:
at 16 years old all he SEES MONEY, he doesnt see long term Kickntrue speaks the truth. College will truely give him the chance to hone in on his game.

it reminds me of Happy gilmore the movie in a small way.
Bigboto69 says:
Why did you keep looking at me in class, you damn dickhead...like me wack you wit one club!
The guy who sat next to you in Enligh class last year!
Bigboto69 says:
I love you TADD, I miss you..please come back to me..I thought we had something special.
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