Team Blue- what a goofy team name.
My Scramble Team Rocks
By Kickntrue on 7/16/07
The reason the posting was slow and late today is because I had an event on my schedule that could be not missed- a 4-man scramble with Team Blue. Team Blue is a team of 3 buddies and me that have been playing in best ball events since high school. Basically- me finding 3 guys that can stand me while I hack around.

We played at Greencastle Greens Golf Course, in Greencastle, Pennsylvania and it was an absolutely perfect day. Over 120 people came out for the tourney and Team Blue walked away victorious. We shot a 57 (15 Under) to win by 6 strokes. To say we were on fire would be a unfair to how good we were. I even almost witnessed my first ever hole in one. My buddy hit to 6 inches on the 187 yard par 3, third.

I realize nobody personally cares about our success today but I do have some fun takeaways for everyone. It reminded me how fun it can be sometimes to take a day off of work and just be with friends. Not a hole goes by that we don't make fun of each other and while we like to go low that isn't our only goal. A day like today reminds me of why I started golfing and how fun it really is- and I know everyone of the people in the event felt the same way no matter the final score.

Blow off work for a day and go find some buddies.

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