A thing of the past?
Should Courses Require Carts?
By Kickntrue on 7/18/07
A lot of courses are starting to requre carts for play, especially on weekends. The problem is in many cases they charge twice the greens fee for cart use AND there are some people who like to walk the course for both exercise and leisure. Courses claim it makes play faster, but are they really just looking to improve their bottom line? (AnotherMan'sOpinion)

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klangdon says:
carts make sense for weekend play when traffic is high. but let us walk on the weekdays when traffic is slower.

ohh, and courses should use segways instead of carts...
new2golf says:
I think it depends on the course setup. If there are long treks from the green to the next tee, then yes, I have no problem with requiring carts. But if that is not the case, then no way - Let 'em walk!!
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