Paul McGinley- your early leader
The Open Championship 2nd Round
By Kickntrue on 7/20/07
I can't really think of anything better than watching live sports when you wake up. Instead of boring ESPN you get the pleasure of watching live coverage for the British Open. Some lucky bastards like me get to watch while working. If you're stuck at work- you can follow live scoring.

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klangdon says:
What the... I must still be asleep, JOHN DALY is tied for 5th????
Kickntrue says:
Update... try 2nd
DeepRough says:
try first!
Kickntrue says:
.... and... he just woke up. Oh what a difference a couple holes make.
Kickntrue says:
the guy they have doing "color" on TNT is great.

I just heard him say Tiger is playing like an American Colin right now.. just completely talented and completely horrible.

he also saw a child drinking water- and said- that liquid will do for now. hopefully he'll be here in 20 years putting down soemthing a bit stronger.
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