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Goosen Thinks Player Should Shutup
By Kickntrue on 7/20/07
Retief Goosen thinks fellow countryman Gary Player should either name names in connection to steroids or he should shutup. That sounds like a good idea to me. (FullStory)

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golfgirl says:
We don't know if banned performance enhancing drugs are being used in golf, but, maybe they are, and maybe Gary Player was just trying to raise awareness of this and affect a more immediate change... without destroying any one person's career.

OK, Player has the reputation of being a blowhard publicity monger and seems to be unpopular with other golfers, so these words were immediately condemned by most as empty meanderings and self serving trash talk. I can understand that reaction. But the fact is golf has been extremely slow to implement any kind of testing, even though most agree that it's the only way to know for certain that abuses aren't taking place. Perhaps a statement such as Player's might in fact speed up the implementation of drug testing and then no one would have to react to his words.
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