Think.. then club up
Take More Club
By Kickntrue on 7/31/07
It is a common problem among amateurs to not use enough club when hitting into the green. Some golf pros think as few as 10% of us actually hit the correct club. Just because we CAN hit an 8 iron 150 yards doesn't make that the correct club if that's not what we normally do. The advice is to club up- 1 club unless you are absolutely confident in your shot. (Tip)

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falcon50driver says:
AMEN to that. How many times have we come up short compared to the number of times we hit too far. About 50 to 1 in my case. I have only recently started going up a club, with great results, I'm a slow learner. The definition of insanity is "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome"
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