I think they win something
Golf Betting Game: Fish
By Kickntrue on 8/6/07
It's a generally known rule that golf is better when a dollar is on the line. The betting game "Fish" is where each of the players pay for 3 bets based on birdies. Winners of the 3 bets are decided on 1) first birdie, 2) biggest birdie (longest), and 3) most birdies. (LearnMore)

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LexMacar says:
Looks left. no they deserve to win something!
LexMacar says:
Lol meant to say right. see those chicks got my directions messed up.
H2Okie says:
Love the optical illusion, if you look real hard you can see a fish in this picture
falcon50driver says:
What't the difference between a Catfish and a Lawyer? One is a bottomfeeding scumsucker, and the other is a fish.
SKUNKjah says:
i sure hope there was somkind of somthing sucker on this boat.Damn!
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