Dick Pound Wants To Help
By Kickntrue on 7/24/07
World Anti-Doping Agency leader Dick Pound says his organization is willing to help the PGA and other professional golf organizations set up drug testing policies and procedures. In other news- the World Anti-Doping Ageency's leader is named Dick Pound.

Nick Faldo made a really good point over the weekend. While taking drugs/steroids could help you with distance off the tee (and even how much is debated), why would you want to be amped up on anything while standing over a 4 foot pressure putt? In a sport where swing speed equals distance which is a result of flexibility and torque it seems hard for me to believe that too many guys are doping. That said- I guess it's a good idea.

Stop The Drugs

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golfgirl says:
Dick Pound sounds like a really helpful guy.
Josh says:
I'm clearly immature as I can't stop laughing over this guys name.
statelypenguin says:
Dick Pound is a total toolbag. He's head of the most powerful anti-doping body in the world, which would in theory assume some form of professionalism. Instead, in other sports, such as cycling, when someone's A sample fails, he puts out press releases condemning the person, even while the B sample hasn't been tested. There are no forms of control to keep WADA in check. And he has a totally comical name.
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