We should send this to Tiger... Just in case.
You play the latest Woods design?
By Kickntrue on 11/6/06
Well... Now Tiger can start chasing Nicklaus in another arena. Tiger just announced the creation of Tiger Woods Design and is ready to start creating courses around the world. He's about 300 behind Jack.

There has been no announcement made yet on where his first design will be. There is speculation that it will be outside the USA. He is currently looking for land and wants to create the courses with design characteristics that have made him love the game. I'm personally hoping one of the hole is shaped like Elin from the sky.

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klangdon says:
I just hope Tiger knows that he can depend on oobgolf for any course technology needs...
Kickntrue says:
Yah.. I'm sure Tiger will be calling us any day now.
jimithen says:
So this course is going to have to be long. And i mean loooooooooooooong. At least 6 par 5's so only he has an opportunity to eagle them and no one else.
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