Tiger's New Course Will Be Walk Only
By Kickntrue on 8/15/07
Start working on your calves and thighs if you have any hopes of making it around Tiger Wood's new course near Ashville, North Carolina. Though the news slipped out last week, the design was officially announced yesterday. The course will be in a community of golf courses called The Cliffs and will sit beside a Jack Nicklaus design. (FullStory)

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golfersdelight says:
Yeah, move it you lazy chaps!
Kickntrue says:
I love the idea... in principle. I've played Bethpage Black and one of the things that makes it so unique is that you must walk.

What I think is odd- is it seems like the course is going to be a semi-privite ultra wealthy community. To me- that says old rich people. I'm trying to picture a 65 year old walking a rollign 7000 yard course day after day and it doesn't seem like it'll happen.
mbills1015 says:
actually if you talk to most old timers like my grandfather, they love to walk. They normally use there pull carts as opposed to carrying there bags. Now whether they can use pull carts or have caddies is another story, but I don't see to many seniors having a problem with it.
H2Okie says:
My dad loves to walk, he's 61, until we played a mountain course in SW Virginia, that changed his mind quickly. He was a caddie at Crestmont CC growing up. He actually caddied the 67 US Open at Baltusrol. My grandfather is 85 still plays Essex Fells CC twice a week and walks it. His eyes are so bad now I think he needs the caddie more to bring him to his ball rather then his clubs, he hits driver then 5 wood all the way into the green no matter how many strokes it takes or how far out he is. I hope I can walk 18 twice a week when I'm 85!
volleyhart says:
H2Okie, you won't be walking when you're 85! I'm gonna need someone to drive the cart up into the woods to find my shank ... c'mon now, it'll be like Driving Miss Daisy, only I'm not an old woman. Well ... nevermind.
H2Okie says:
Volleyboy, true.
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