A different kind of sandbagger.
Sandbaggers And Vanity Handicappers
By Kickntrue on 8/15/07
Kevin found a great article from a couple years ago discussing Sandbaggers and Vanity Handicappers. Beyond defining both types of players- the article also makes some good points and examples of how often a player actually plays to his handicap. For instance- did you know the chance of playing 8 strokes better than your handicap is 1 in 1138, essentially once in a lifetime. (FullStory)

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DeepRough says:
you have a knack for finding the strangest photos on the net ;)
Kickntrue says:
I'm especially proud of this one. I laughed for 5 minues after posting it.

I see a lot of N. Dynamite in this person. Him.. and some retardation- but it looks like she/he's helping out with a good cause, so who am I to judge? :)
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