How the FedEx Cup Works
By Kickntrue on 8/16/07
So... the PGA Tour has been playing and accumulating points for the FedEx Cup this season. Sound familiar? I'm a little fuzzy on it too. Here is an article that breaks down how the FedEx Cup works from this point on. For those keeping score at home- Tiger Woods is currently leading. (Breakdown)

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klangdon says:
Is the final winner the total point leader after all 4 playoff tournaments or is it the person who wins the final championship tournament?
Kickntrue says:
I'm pretty sure it's the tournies all together. You cannot crown a winner of an entire series from one event.

Also- they set it up so you must play in all 4 events to control your own destiny. If you play the first 3 and win- you'd most likely win- BUT if someone finished with 3 seconds and won the 4th- I think it's set up so they win.
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