Tree Surgeon Golf Club
By Kickntrue on 8/22/07
I know it's a little early to start thinking about Christmas gifts, but keep the Tree Surgeon Golf Club on your radar. Part putter- Part Axe (yes, you read that correctly), the Tree Surgeon makes every lie playable. Even works for righties and lefties. Brilliant! (GetOne)

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falcon50driver says:
A little pricey for a gag gift at $43.
Kickntrue says:
GAG gift?! Ha- if you play like me, you NEED this.
volleyhart says:
Yea! Think of it! A rescue club AND course redesign, all in the same round!
LexMacar says:
No matter how many times i play at one point in the round am i in the trees playing with the squirrels. During this time i am almost always burdened with a branch in the way of my swing. after purchasing the "PuttStik by Peckerwood Golf" I no longer fear hitting my ball in general i am no prepared for any situation i.e. attacked by aligator on putting green surface, Prepared for
LexMacar says:
for any branch that lays in my path, and even friends talking in your back swing(they can be silenced with one simple and easy swing)? All can be remedied with the PuttStik. BUY IT TODAY!!!!
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