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Women's Short Games Are Worse Than Men's
By Kickntrue on 8/22/07
Oh man- that title is enough to get me stoned (I grew up in a house with 4 females). Another interesting find from TheGolfGirl. Golf writer John Huggan wrote an article recently that claims that woman SHOULD be just as solid as men from 100 yards and in, but aren't.
"The ladies do have some physical limitations to how they hit the ball and swing the club, but there is no real reason why, from 100 yards in, they can't be every bit as good as the men," acknowledges coach David Whelan, who works with LPGA players Paula Creamer, Catriona Matthew, Aree and Naree Song and Rachel Hetherington. "Yes, I acknowledge that the ability to compress the ball makes a difference in pitching, but the girls should, you would imagine, make up for that with good touch. But they don't."

I'd love to hear some opinions on this.
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MurphesLaw says:
Women actually do not practice the short game as much as the men!
One way that can change this is HAVE FUN. is the way for this to change.

Ask many of todays top coaches of the best colleges(ladies golf teams) playing today.
Simply put the best Short Game Practice System today. Once ladies figure this part out that their is a fun short game practice system that weighs less than 8oz then the GAME IS ON FOREVER!!!!

Some of the top lady instructors in the world practice with this everywhere and others practice together with their friends.

Don't worry ladies, the golfring is here to save you:)
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